What a whirlwind

This weekend has been crazy. The boy got here on Friday and I still can’t believe he’s here. It feels like he never left and like it’s been a lifetime all rolled into one.

There’s so many bad factors involved in this and I know how bad of an idea this is. But I have been so very happy this weekend, a feeling I rarely have.

I have a terrible migraine so I’m the only one up. You can only watch someone sleep for so long before it becomes creepy. My legs also feel like someone beat me up so that’s no fun. I noticed that there’s icy hot spray but I don’t know if that will help or hurt considering my skin sensitivity.

The reckless part of me is kicking in and I need to reverse that fairly quickly. Every time I get to that level I end up crazier than normal and swing to hypo mania and back over and over every day. On the plus side, no purging since Tuesday-although I’ve hardly eaten. BUT I ate pizza today for the first time in I can’t remember when and kept it down. I feel like that’s an accomplishment all on its own.


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