I work with a bunch of 30 something children. I spent all evening listening to grown adults crying and whiling because they’re more worried about what other people are doing than themselves.

Someone said ‘well I don’t get as much downtime anymore’. It’s work. It’s your job. No one agreed on you having X amount of downtime when you got hired. I wanted to scream at them all and tell them to suck it up. I hate every aspect of every second of my job but I don’t sit in meetings and complain because I do more work than the supervisor beside me. I go to work every day and do my work even when everything hurts and even when I would rather spoon my eyes out than be there.

I guess I’ve developed a sinus infection or something. My throat is so sore and I’m coughing up bloody crap and my ears hurt. But it’s hiring week and I have 4 interviews in the next 2 days and 2 presentations to create and I can’t miss a day. I’ve been chugging mucinex but it doesn’t seem to want to help.

Did I mention I hate my job?


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