I Finally Realized I’m Not Alone

Thought Catalog

“Please let today be a different day. I want to be normal.”

Those have been the immediate words I have said to myself every morning for about 10 years now. While my friends sat down for lunch every day, they would merrily enjoy eating their bagels with butter, bags of Doritos, and washing it down with a pouch of Capri Sun. My mom would pack my lunch every day containing similar items, yet every bite was a struggle. If I had soccer practice after school, I would gain a sense of relief knowing that those Doritos would easily be burnt up in 10 minutes of constant sprinting. The idea of getting skinnier has tortured my mind each and every day.

When these thoughts were an initial trigger in my head, I distanced myself from everyone as much as possible. The summer finally hit, so it was the perfect opportunity to…

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